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pretender of pretenders
09 July 2014 @ 04:09 am
mood: wow
sound: very wow
pretender of pretenders
04 March 2014 @ 12:20 am
how much inactivity for purging??
not gonna let this relic get deleted not this day son

o man to think tumblr took over me i used to hang out here always every fucking day wow

devils-and-realist has a much better name tho fk kaorikuni d-a-r is where the fun is at next level blogging going on oyeaman
holy shit this is somehow linked to my facebook !??!? what the actual fk
pretender of pretenders
12 December 2012 @ 12:11 pm
epic fanfiction list
that i forget exists and never get updated >>
but sometimes i add stuff to. orz

i present thee the incompletely awesome list of awesomesauceCollapse )

mood: nerdynerdy
sound: Hey Superstar - Madina Lake
pretender of pretenders
04 November 2012 @ 04:26 am
Sora o Daite Oyasumi

Saddest thing in the world. I can't get over it. Nope.
My heart.
If just. Fucked me up sob.
pretender of pretenders
21 October 2012 @ 02:36 am
kaori these days:

-Magi (anime. i have to catch up to manga)
-Zetsuen no Tempest
-NO. 6 (novel. manga already caught up and anime maybe i'll watch it)
-Pokemon BW. 
-Helping out at GGScans

-SinJa. So much SinJa.
-Tumblr yaoi. There are so many doujinshis god. And yaoi manga caps. Hng.
-Sougiya Riddle
-Majo no Ie <-- didn't finish plaiyng it it is fucking scary. say a complete playthrough.

-Kuroshitsuji sometimes. 
-More yaoi. Lol
-Shipping. With Project Gay out I can't help but ship everyone. SaruhikoMisaki, Reisi totally tops Mikoto OMG HNG, any kingxKuroh, MikotoTotsuka.
-SinJa. SinbadxAlibaba, SinJu
-Engineering. The bane of my existence.
pretender of pretenders
21 October 2012 @ 01:27 am
Wow coming back here... feel a little guilty for abandoning my lj...
Bad tumblr, making me addicted to it.

But I can't see farther than 4 pages in my friends page? what is wrong with lj D: I want to catch up a little, how mean. 

Hm. I miss a few things from here... 
But now that rin is in tumblr and I've lost sight of mildmilotic, who do I know here?
mild milotic where are you sob.

and wow, thinking, i'm as depressed as when i started this blog. damn. it is like a full circle of sorts.
i could use this as a sort of diary, since who looks at this anymore. not even me.

full circle... back then it was HGSS/BW and now it is BW2.
god this game is good.

team (as of gym 2): elekid, lucario, vaporeon, pignite.

wow i'd forgotten of this mood theme, 07 ghost mood theme.
good times.
mood: stressedstressed
pretender of pretenders
19 January 2012 @ 01:46 am
The Girl In Byakkoya by VY2.

Ellen Pompeo reminds me so much of Lightning that I can't really concentrate when watching Grey's Anatomy. I mean DAT VOICE. And DAT HAIR.

Here in Chile they have this month (march) where uni students rejoice in screwing the freshmen around in college. As in taking their bags, throwing them buckets of SHIT (whatever concoction... it's certainly smelly. That alone is horrible) and sending them out to the streets to get money in order to rescue their stuff. And activities of terror. I'M a freshmen.
mood: tiredtired
pretender of pretenders
05 January 2012 @ 07:48 pm
Keratin leaves the hair smooth, shiny and very straight. And with a nice smell. I'm glad, my hair always gets curly when I let it dry naturally, and when I iron it it lasts two/three days tops. Now, 6 months!

And now, private universities are sending emails, texts and calling everyone to get them in. Like crazy. I've got at least ten mails and a handful of texts, AND those annoying morning calls. Everyone's asking everyone on facebook how they did. There's even a website with all the results (leaked). Lol.

I have two years to decide whether to study what I want, or what pays millions when you're fresh out of uni. Lots of thinking to do. And I heard Canada is a nice place.

One day I'll make a zebra/giraffe out of paper. It'll be about 2 metres tall. And creep the hell out of everyone. Saw a zebra in a magazine.

I need ideas for a new game. Replaying Fable II can last for so long. Especially when the character I took so much care for died once and has an ugly scar in her face. Afjasfhkgsfjka;sdfg. And I've still got to get the Red Dragon but it's too difficult, I've lost my ability for shooting. I wish there were more Reaverxmale!Bowerstone Hero. It's a hot pairing. And there's this dude's characterization that's the best characterization I've ever read for anything. It's brilliant.

IS it really that hard to believe that God is a girl? Which god? Whose? Would it be too far-fetched to say that God, Christianity's God, is a girl/woman/female? Forget the 'Father' thing. It could be interpreted anyway one wants. At the end of the day it's just people believing in, in Dan Brown's words, 'men's God'. Sometimes we lie, kick and scream for ideas that we keep in a silver pedestal, in need of an unchanging (therefore safe and supporting) sense of stability. Animals adapt, men mould.

A good idea for a prank: put splinters on people's clothes. Cacti splinters work the best because... they do. It's as easy as put a shirt over a cactus. Luckily for me, the wind didn't blow my pyjama pants into the cactus. Makes you warily look at the cactus.

I'm relieved that the fire in the south is under control. It breaks my heart to think of those old, history and myth filled, trees. All kinds of trees and plants.
mood: hungryhungry
pretender of pretenders
04 January 2012 @ 01:14 pm
Okay so I f*cked up my math exam. F*cked up so much. Spanish is okay, bordering on low but it will have to do. Science... in science I did better than expected. I never got such a high grade in any trial, so I'm very pleased.

But math... it seems I just suck at everything and that is it. They are still good results, higher than a couple of people whose scores I saw, but I would've liked to have more. For god's sake I thought I would get an amazing score in maths dammit. This year's was harder than before, there were way less max scores in the country. Waay less (as in math. I don't really care about the rest).

I'm worried because I think a classmate of mine won't enter medicine where she wants. I'm happy because another was already accepted (he sent his school grades and whatever some time before) and I'm worried because I won't enter engineering on the best in the country. I think I can the second best. I'll try to transfer after a year, and if I don't get in the first or the second, BACHELOR'S DEGREE IT IS DAMNITFAKDAMN. And then maybe engineering in the best one.

Aklajgsfjksgdfjksdgfjkagfjkfjkagh. >>.
Nothing makes sense any more.
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mood: aggravated;w;
sound: Poison - Groove Coverage
pretender of pretenders
29 December 2011 @ 03:50 am
And then I read "World End Garden" and cried. Sad endings just break my heart, not just because of the developing of the characters' relationship, but because I'm a sucker for people who regret what they are.

I mean the part "I used to think, life... wasn't precious." And he was crying and I was crying and it broke my heart into tiny aching pieces.

I need to stop reading heart-breaking things. I need crack. Like, the laugh I had with Kemono Kingdom. That was hilarious and pretty and I shipped characters that will never be together and it was ok because that was the point.
mood: dyingg;;